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Source Too Machine Inc.

“The mission of Source Too Machine, Inc. is to create useful products through the machining arts using updated technology, innovation, creativity, integrity, and excellence. Source Too Machine is a company that believes in honesty between the company, the customer, and its employees.”

Source Too Machine, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Dale Loveridge. Although the nature of our business has changed over the years, our focus has not. We still strive to be a recognized leader in our field, and we remain dedicated to providing outstanding quality, value, and customer service. We are continually improving ourselves to ensure we are up to date on current machining practices in order to keep things efficient and cost-effective for our customers.

At Source Too Machine, your job is our priority. We specialize in precision CNC turning and milling, and not only can we handle quantities large enough to allow us to devise a production and quality assurance plan suitable for your job, but we can also manage smaller prototype and limited production jobs. We provide end-to-end production, including anodizing, engineering, grinding, heat-treating, packaging, welding, and more.

Behind our ability to produce complex parts is our professional engineering capability. Having some of the finest machinery on the market just isn’t enough. It takes dedicated people with the skill to program and utilize that sophisticated equipment. Our engineering staff is able to improve almost any part and save you money in the process. Using three-dimensional CAD software, our engineers can generate a computerized image for review before machining ever begins. We can produce a part that will last longer, be more durable, and be less expensive than our competitors.

We want to become your partner in production, and we look forward to putting our experience and unmatched quality to work for you!